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"As a retired hairstylist, I still give my family haircuts. I had been using a very expensive pair of shears I had purchased 15 years ago at a trade show, and didn't know how I could get them sharpened.Then along came Sh...arp Shop. Sharp Shop offers such a great service, and thanks to Rob, my shears are sharper than ever before, and the kids haircuts have never looked better. Quick service, professional sharpening, at a great price. Thank you, Sharp Shop!"

Christina Oelke-Lacourse


My Bonika Silk A5 shears perform so much better than my old barber shears. The Japanese style cuts so smooth and never folds the hair.

The service I get from The Sharp Shop Stratford/Bonika Shears Canada is fantastic.


Brians Barber Shop Mitchell


Thanks so much Rob, your quick turn around saved my keister!

Merry Christmas,
just wanted to let you know that the shears arrived, and they are great!! thanks so much:)
Prince George, B.C.
Thank you sooo much Rob for your demonstration on Friday. The girls were pretty pumped and commented after you left about how patient you were with all of their questions. The donation of the scissors and flat iron was very generous and very much appreciated.
Have a great weekend!
North Western Secondary School Stratford
Cosmetology Class
Hi rob . Just got them sukutto shears today and used them once tonight , bit of getting used to the imprint design in the thumb and what not , but there bloody awesome mate . yeah love the weight and you can tell there a lot better and sharper no messing around with these ones cheers so much ...... will send others plus my oldies for sharpening .
All the best paul
Inuvic, Northwest Territories